WWE Smackdown 12..17...2010

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WWE Smackdown 12..17...2010

Post  Admin on Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:20 am

In the first match, Jack Swagger defeated Kaval via anklelock, (signature move of Kurt Angle). Kofi Kingston got his shot at the Intercontinental Champion Dolpf Ziggler, but the match was caled to a stop when Jak Swagger attacked Kofi, giving him the anklelock. For the main event a tag team match was scheduled, with Kane and Rey Mysterio taking on Edge and Alberto Del Rio, Theodore Long informed the men that Kane would not be joining them in the ring that night, as edge had kidnapped his father, Paul Bearer. The match goes on with Rey defating Del Rio via 619, at the end Kane follows Edge to to a platform holding Paul, while Kane believes this is a trick he pushes the platform over sending Paul to his inevidablegrave.


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