Raw - January 10, 2011 - Nashville, TN

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Raw - January 10, 2011 - Nashville, TN

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:45 pm

Raw was supposed to start off with a Tag Team title match, but the new Nexus, lead by CM Punk, made their presence known by throwing Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov out of the ring. Moments later, CM Punk declared that there would be initiations to be a part of the new Nexus. Up first was Michael McGillicutty and his initiation was to take a beatdown from the rest of the group. Reluctantly, McGillicutty took the beating and passed CM Punk's test. Later that evening, Husky Harris passed his initiation when he withstood leather strap shots to the back from the new Nexus.

Making another visit to Raw was Alberto Del Rio from SmackDown as he took on R-Truth. The match was going well until Alberto's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, distracted R-Truth long enough for Alberto to get back in the ring to beat the 10 count. After Alberto won the match by countout, he continued to declare his destiny for the Royal Rumble and mocked Nashville's lifestyle by having Ricardo sing La Cucaracha.

Before the next match could begin, the Raw GM had a few words to say via Michael Cole, but after a while, Jerry "The King" Lawler interrupted with a few choice words of his own. As the two continued their verbal confrontation, the Raw GM announced that later on that night, Lawler would team up with Randy Orton to take on the WWE Champion The Miz & Aley Riley. Moments later, the tag team match was underway featuring United States champion Daniel Bryan, accompanied by the Bella Twins, & Mark Henry against Ted DiBiase & Tyson Kidd with Maryse at ringside. The match ended with Mark Henry delivering the world's strongest slam to Kidd, followed up with a pinfall for the win.

Raw had another visitor from SmackDown: The Big Show. After he made comments about Wade Barrett & the Royal Rumble, the new Nexus appeared, but only David Otunga entered the ring, for it was his turn to be initiated into the group. After Otunga slapped the Big Show to get his attention, he took the beating of his life, thus successfully being initiated into the new Nexus after he was chockslammed & took a knockout punch. Later on, it was time for Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater to be initiated by hitting each other or even CM Punk with kendo sticks, but the former tag team champions just could not do it and walked away, therefore not being a part of the new Nexus.

In one-on-one action, John Morrison took on King Sheamus in a highly competitive match. The match ended when Morrison caught a break and drilled his knee into Sheamus' head. With the win, Morrison gains momentum as the Royal Rumble approaches.

On this night, the announcement for the first inductee in the Hall of Fame class of 2011 was made: The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels! And to the fans' suprise, HBK made his way to he ring, but before he could say anything, Alberto Del Rio rudely interrupted him, stating that he was the present & future and that HBK was history. Moments later, Shawn Michaels proved he still had it when he delivered sweet chin music to Alberto. After taking his scarf, HBK walked to the back and thanked the fans for all the support.

Before John Cena could make his appearance, CM Punk stood atop the right side of the titantron, proclaiming the make the "ultimate sacrifice", but it turned out he fooled everybody, for he was wearing a harness to keep from falling. When Punk got back into the ring, John Cena appeared on the titantron challenged him to a match next week on Raw.

In the main event, The Miz & Riley took on Orton & Lawler. Before the conclussion of the match, Orton delivered a RKO to Riley & stared down The Miz as Lawler finished off Riley with a classic fist drop from the ropes to get the win. Randy Orton continues to gain momentum as he looks forward to his title rematch with The Miz at the Royal Rumble.

*REMINDER: Detroit will host Monday Night Raw live at the Joe Louis Arena on January 24. It will be the last Raw before the Royal Rumble.*


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Re: Raw - January 10, 2011 - Nashville, TN

Post  wwedet on Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:15 am

do you know wwe is coming to jla in late january. can we win any tickets here?


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