SmackDown - January 21, 2011 - Tulsa, OK

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SmackDown - January 21, 2011 - Tulsa, OK

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SmackDown kicked off with the presence of Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, & Ezekiel Jackson, now known to the WWE Universe as The Corre. As Barrett was explaining The Corre's plan for SmackDown, General Manager Theodore Long appeared, and knowing Barrett's history with the Nexus on Raw, warned all four members that any Nexus-like actions they may have planned, would not be tolerated on his show.

As Alberto Del Rio took on Raw's R-Truth, Teddy Long was found unconscious in his office and later reports of his condition stated that he suffered head trauma to the back of his head. After Alberto made R-Truth tap out, The Corre made it clear to Vicki Guerrero, who was 2nd in charge, that they had nothing to do with what happened to Teddy Long.

In diva action, Layla with Michelle McCool at ringside tangled with the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. Even though Layla managed to hurt Beth's left shoulder, the Glamazon proved to be too powerful as Layla became another victim of the Glam Slam & Beth Phoenix emerged victorious.

In one-on-one action, Rey Mysterio took on "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. At one point in the match, Cody exposed & worked on Rey's knee that still had a brace on it, from Rey's battles in his career, but that would prove to be Cody's downfall. Towards the end, Rey hit Cody with the 619 with the exposed knee brace and scored another win. Because Rey's knee brace collided with Cody's face, the doctor, later on, determined that his nose was broken.

In an amateur wrestling challenge, Jack Swagger challenged the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. Becuase this type of match was based on points, Swagger had the advantage, due to his wrestling background. Even though Kofi tried to rally from behind, Swagger won the match by the score of 10-9, but that didn't stop Kofi from getting the last laugh on Swagger, as Kofi showed him his style of wrestling.

In a rematch from last week, Drew McIntyre took on Trent Barreta. After McIntyre made short work of Trent for the win, Drew actually extended his hand in sportsmanship, but Barreta didn't buy it & suckerpunched him. Just as McIntyre was about to make Trent pay for his actions, Kelly Kelly appeared and prevented Drew from further actions against Barreta.

Making a special visit to SmackDown was the WWE Champion The Miz, along with Alex Riley. As The Miz was gloating about what he did to Randy Orton on Raw, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge showed up & confronted Raw's champion. As things were beginning to heat up, Miz & Riley were about to leave, but Riley stepped back in the ring with a few choice words, but before he could finish, he fell victim to the spear.

Earlier in the night, Vicki Guerrero allowed The Corre to pick one of its members to take on Edge. After Justin Gabriel was selected, the match was on with The Corre at ringside & Dolph Ziggler doing commentary. The match went well until The Corre distracted the referee long enough for Ezekiel to knock out Edge, allowing Justin to pick up an upset victory. Afterwards, The Corre ganged up on Edge Nexus-style and left him laying in the ring, which allowed Ziggler to show the fans who would be on top at the Royal Rumble.


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