SmackDown - January 28, 2011 - Cincinnati, OH

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SmackDown - January 28, 2011 - Cincinnati, OH

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With GM Theodore Long still out due to severe head trauma, Vicki Guerrero made it known that until he comes back, she is the acting general manager of SmackDown. Moments later, Randy Orton appeared and after speaking his mind, Dolph Ziggler showed up & demanded respect out of Orton. Once Randy told Dolph that he had to earn respect, Ziggler became another victim of a RKO.

As Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) were walking towards the ring for tag team action, Kelly Kelly & Kaitlyn uncharacteristically ran down & attacked Lay-Cool. After a couple of minutes, the match officially began, but Lay-Cool managed to regain control of the situation as Layla distracted Kaitlyn long enough for McCool to knock her out with a swift kick to the face. With the win, Lay-Cool now has momentum going into the Divas title match against Natalya at the Royal Rumble.

As Drew McIntyre was ready to face JTG, Kelly Kelly stuck around & sat next to the announce table to watch the match. JTG made a few attempts to pull off a big win, but when McIntyre countered a back slide, he turned it into his future shock DDT to end the match. Afterwards, as Kelly Kelly was entering the ring, McIntyre walked out, perhaps either not knowing Kelly was in the ring or granting Kelly's wish of him not being aggressive after matches.

Alberto Del Rio was supposed to demonstrate his Royal Rumble destiny by having a Rumble exhibition, but when Kane, Kofi Kingston, & Rey Mysterio came to the ring, acting GM Vicki Guerrero turned it into a tag team match. Very competitive, but when Alberto got in Kane's face, he got a boot for his troubles. As Kane walked out, Alberto was hit with the 619 & the trouble in paradise kick, allowing the team of Myserio & Kingston to win the match.

Big Show came out and challenged any member of The Corre to a one-on-one match. Heath Slater answered the call, but was no match as the Big Show quickly disposed of him with the chockslam. Afterwards, the rest of the Corre ganged up on the Big Show, until superstars from SmackDown & Raw came out for the rescue.

In the main event, WWE Champion The Miz teamed up with Dolph Ziggler to take on the one-night reunion of Team Rated RKO in Randy Orton & the World Heavyweight Champion Edge. A great competitive match, but it all ended with Edge caught Dolph with a spear to earn a hard fought victory. After the match, Vicki Guerrero, using her power as the acting GM, declared that at the Royal Rumble, Edge's spear is banned and if Edge uses it, he will be disquailified & lose the title. With that said, Edge became defiant as he speared Dolph three more times outside the ring. Ziggler may have a title shot, but he will be sore this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.


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