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Before Edge could defend his title against Dolph Ziggler, SmackDown's acting general manager Vicki Guerrero reminded everybody that if Edge uses the spear, he will be disquailified & lose the title. Once the contest got underway, the two men went at it like a title match should. Towards the end, Vicki became a factor as she prevented a 3-count from happening & began slapping Edge like crazy, until surprisingly, Kelly Kelly ran down to ringside and assaulted her. Moments later, the referee was knocked down, allowing Edge the opportunity to spear Dolph without Vicki or the ref to see it. However, Edge ended the match by paying tribute to his old friend, Christian, by executing the killswitch on Ziggler and walking out of Boston, still the World Heavyweight Champion.


The Miz, despite being viewed as an underrated champion, went toe-to-toe with the viper Randy Orton. Even with a little interference from Alex Riley, this was a great match, until oddly enough, the new Nexus appeared. Alex Riley tried to sneak up on Orton while he was distracted, but Orton countered by throwing Riley onto Nexus. Seconds later, CM Punk came from underneath the ring & gave Orton the GTS while the referee was distracted. After Punk put The Miz on top, he slid out & the referee made the 3-count, which allowed The Miz to remain WWE Champion.


This match was supposed to be a handicap match between Divas champion Natalya & Lay-Cool, but the Raw GM announced that he did not want the chance of co-champions, therefore he made it into a fatal-4 way match with Eve being the 4th diva. At one point in the match, Natalya, once again, managed to execute a double sharpshooter, this time on Eve & Layla. As the match concluded, Eve performed a moonsault on Layla while Michelle McCool rolled up Natalya for the cover. However, since the pinfalls were on opposite ends of the corner, the referee only saw Eve make the pin & counted 3. Despite McCool's protest, Eve has become a 2-time WWE Divas Champion.


The Rumble began with CM Punk drawing #1, but shortly after, The Corre came out to assault Punk before the Nexus appeared & had an all-out brawl. After the referees regained control, the Rumble countined with Daniel Bryan at #2. The two men lasted up to around #15 before other Nexus members, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, & David Otunga entered the Rumble & cleared the ring. The Nexus had their way with the next few entrants until #21 arrived, in which the fans witnessed the return of Booker T! But even Booker couldn't handle the Nexus, but then #22 (John Cena) would arrive and clear the ring of the Nexus except for CM Punk. After CM Punk was eliminated, John Cena & #23 Hornswoggle (yes, this is true) took care of the next participant, Tyson Kidd, but before he was eliminated, Hornswoggle showed a display of strength as he actually executed the attitude adjustment on Kidd. As the Rumble continued, the fans received another surprise at #32 in the form of Big Daddy Cool, Diesel! The fans showered him with Diesel chants and was on the verge of making an impact, but he too was eliminated. The last four in the Rumble would be John Cena, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, & Randy Orton. Moments later, The Miz, who was sitting at the announce table when Riley was in the match, got up & eliminated Cena before running to the back. Minutes later, Orton eliminated Barrett, but then Alberto saw an opportunity and threw Orton out. As Alberto celebrated, he didn't realize that Santino Marella fell threw the ropes during the match & was never eliminated. After Santino hit Del Rio with the cobra, he went to throw him over, but Alberto reversed it & Santino hit the floor instead. It's official: Alberto Del Rio has fulfilled his destiny by winning the Royal Rumble & looks forward to headlining WrestleMania XXVII.

Raw looks like it's gonna be a wild night: Cena will be hot on the trail of The Miz, Alberto Del Rio might make an appearance to gloat about his win, Nexus will look to get back at The Corre, the heated rivalry between Gail Kim & the Bella Twins continue, and much more. The next pay-per-view will be the Elimination Chamber on February 20th from Oakland, CA. The road to WrestleMania has begun.


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