SmackDown - February 4, 2011 - Long Island, NY

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SmackDown - February 4, 2011 - Long Island, NY

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SmackDown started off with the return of Booker T, who is now a member of the SmackDown broadcast team, replacing Matt Striker. Moments later, Vicki Guerrero, along with Dolph Ziggler, called out Kelly Kelly to give her a piece of her mind. After Kelly explained that Vicki made her professional & personal life a living hell, Ziggler got in her face before he was slapped down to the mat. As Kelly & Vicki got involved in an altercation, Lay-Cool ran down to stop Kelly before Edge appeared & cleared the ring.

In tag team action, WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov took on former champions & current Corre members Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. It was a good match until Slater dropped Kozlov with a reverse DDT before Justin executed the 450 on him to gain a victory & be in line for another title shot.

In the first of four quailifing matches for the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match that will take place at the pay-per-view in three weeks, Kofi Kingston took on Drew McIntyre. A great match until Alberto Del Rio popped up on the titantron, just when Kofi was gaining momentum, and distracted him with a wink. With that, McIntyre took advantage and delivered the future shock DDT to win the match.

In the second quailifing match, it was Rey Mysterio against Jack Swagger. Both men went back & forth until Rey nailed Swagger with a swift reverse kick that knocked him out, long enough for Mysterio to pick up the win.

As Hornswoggle & Rosa Mendez were entertaining the fans, Alberto Del Rio appeared to continue his Royal Rumble celebration. With a pinata hanging above the ring, Alberto allowed Hornswoggle to swing for it blindfolded. However, Hornswoggle swung so wildly that he went downstairs on Del Rio. Once Alberto recovered, he assaulted Hornswoggle until Kofi Kingston came down for the rescue. But then, Del Rio grabbed the pinata stick and cracked it on Kofi before locking in his arm lock submission.

In the third qualifing match, Chavo Guerrero took on Kane. Needless to say, this is a quick match after Kane caught Chavo by the throat, after an attempted frog splash, and chockslammed him for the win.

In the final qualifing match, the Big Show wrestled Wade Barrett, who had the rest of the Corre at ringside. As the match went on, the referee was distracted, allowing Ezekiel Jackson to knock down the Big Show before Barrett followed it up with a DDT to gain a big win. But the Corre wasn't done yet as Ezekiel once again displayed his power by easily bodyslamming the Big Show.

In the main event, the World Heavyweight Championship was on the line in a 3-on-2 handicap match as the champion Edge teamed up with Kelly Kelly against Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool. Before the match began, Vicki informed Edge that if he uses the spear, he would be stripped of the world title. As the match concluded, since Edge couldn't use the spear, it gave Kally Kelly the opportunity to use the spear on Layla to earn a hard fought victory, with Edge remaining the World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Vicki was so disgusted by the actions of Kelly Kelly that she fired her on the spot & ordered Kelly out of the arena. Right after Kelly left in tears, Vicki told Edge that he would defend his title against Ziggler next week on SmackDown and that she would be the special guest referee. Seconds later, Ziggler dropped Edge with the zig-zag and stood over him as he looks forward to next week's championship match.


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