SmackDown - February 25, 2011 - Sacramento, CA

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SmackDown - February 25, 2011 - Sacramento, CA

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SmackDown kicked off with a competitive match between Rey Mysterio & Kane. Towards the conclusion, Rey nailed Kane with the 619, but when he attempted the west coast pop, Kane attempted to counter the move. But then, Rey twisted his body around and rolled up Kane for the big win. As Mysterio celebrated, he got an unexpected visit from a Hall of Famer.

WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes came out, congratulated Rey on his win, and apologized on behalf of his son, Cody Rhodes for his comments about Rey over the past few weeks. After Dusty asked Cody to come out & apologize to Rey, Cody reluctantly did so, but then as Dusty shook & held on to Rey's hand, Cody attacked Mysterio relentlessly, dragged him up the ramp, and took off his mask in an act of defiance.

In diva action, Layla took on Roas Mendez as Michelle McCool sat near the announce table. Towards the end, Roas fell into McCool and as she was getting back in the ring, McCool attacked her from behind, thus awarding the match to Rosa via disquailification. Afterwards, Layla questioned McCool's actions as tension began to build between the two.

Despite the arm injury at the hands of Alberto Del Rio last Monday on Raw, Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston went out and faced Jack Swagger. Kofi made a good showing, but in the end, when Swagger clampped on the ankle lock, Kofi tried to roll out of it, but his arm gave out on him and was forced to tap out, making Swagger the winner.

With The Corre banned from ringside, Wade Barrett was made to face the Big Show one-on-one. As the action spilled to the outside, Big Show knocked down Barrett long enough to win the match by countout. As the Corre showed up, the Big Show grabbed a chair and cleared everybody out.

The main event featured a mixed tag team match with World Heavyweight Champion Edge & Kelly Kelly going up against Drew McIntyre & Vicki Guerrero. SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long stated earlier in the night that if Vicki & Drew lose, Vicki would be fired. Near the end as Edge was ready to spear McIntyre, Vicki stepped in and pleaded Edge not to do it, Just then, Kelly Kelly entered and speared Vicki, allowing Edge to spear McIntyre for the win. As Edge & Kelly celebrated, Teddy Long came out, and despite the emotional protest by Vicki, Teddy fired Vicki Guerrero! Vicki tried her best to plead to everyone around her, but nothing worked. As Edge waved good-bye to Vicki, Alberto Del Rio attacked him from behind and slapped on the cross armbreaker, sending a message to the champ in regards to WrestleMania.


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