SmackDown - December 21, 2010 - San Antonio, TX

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SmackDown - December 21, 2010 - San Antonio, TX

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SmackDown, live for the 1st time on the USA Network on a Tuesday night, kicked off with a rematch from TLC with The Miz taking on Randy Orton. As always, Alex Riley got involved in the match, which in the end , caused Orton to win the match by disquailification. After Orton threw Riley out of the ring, he had in mind the punt The Miz in the skull, but once again, Riley jumped in, only to be a victim of a RKO.

To celebrate the holidays, The Big Show, dressed as Santa Clause, Rosa Mendes, & Hornswoggle passed out gifts to the fans. Although Big Show had an embarassing moment when the steel chair broke as he sat down, he managed to tell the fans an entertaining Christmas story. All went well until "Dashing" Cody Rhodes jumped in and attacked Hornswoggle, just to get the Big Show's attention for embarassing him at TLC.

Santino Marella defeated Chavo Guerrero in a 1-on-1 match with the cobra, but before the match, Santino attempted to have a mistletoe moment with Beth Phoenix, but Beth instead had one with Vladimir Kozlov, much to his delight.

Edge came out to address the WWE Universe as the new World Heavyweight Champion, but Kane came out to ruin his moment. Edge proposed to have a rematch for the title later that night, but Kane said he'll get his rematch on his time.

Kaval took on Drew McIntyre, but Drew jumped him before he could get in the ring good and finished him off quickly with the future shock DDT. Afterwards, Drew , for the 2nd week in a row, continued to convince Kelly Kelly that he was a different man outside of the ring, stating he would not hurt her.

In tag team action, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston took on Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger. It was a very competitive match as well as entertaining, for a one point Rey & Kofi took flight at the same time! In the end , with a little teamwork, Rey & Kofi won the match.

John Cena took part in a handicap match against Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero. Vickie wanted revenge against Cena so bad for embarassing her on Raw, she tagged herself in. Much to everyone's shock, Cena stood up and kissed Vickie! This gave Cena the chance to finish off Dolph with the attitude adjustment to win the match. And as Cena was about to deliver the A.A. to Vickie, CM Punk, just like on Raw only this time in his wrestling gear, attacked Cena with a steel chair. This confrontation should develop more next Monday on Raw.


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