SmackDown - March 11, 2011 - Houston, TX

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SmackDown - March 11, 2011 - Houston, TX

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SmackDown started off with the World Heavyweight Champion Edge calling out Alberto Del Rio for a fight. Alberto answered the call, but he did not come alone, for he brought his former NXT rookie, Brodus Clay with him. As the two ganged up on Edge, Christian ran down to help out. Moments later, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long announced that Alberto & Brodus would face Edge & Christian in a tag team match later in the night.

Wade Barrett was supposed to face Kane one-on-one, but the rest of the Corre changed that when they attacked Kane. After the Big Show came down to help, the singles match became a tag team match with Barrett & Heath Slater against Kane & the Big Show. After a few minutes into the match, Justin Gabriel & Ezekiel Jackson attacked Kane & Big Show again, causing a disqualification. As The Corre continued to assault Kane, Big Show grabbed a chair and used it on everybody, including Kane as a little payback from last week.

Still disturbed by what happened to his face, Cody Rhodes took on JTG in his street clothes. With the protective mask that he wears, Cody used it to headbutt JTG & finished him off with his Cross-Rhodes finisher.

In Michael Cole's "interview of the year", he invited John Cena to question his inability to defeat the Miz at WrestleManai XXVII. After Cena had enough of Cole , Jack Swagger ran down to assault Cena, but moments later, Swagger became another victim of the attitude adjustment.

Making her return home to Houston, NXT winner Kaitlyn took on Layla with Michelle McCool at ringside. Kaitlyn had a strong start, but a small distraction by McCool cost Kaitlyn & Layla took advantage by executing the Lay-Out neckbreaker. After Layla won, McCool got her licks in before Lay-Cool left the ring.

Triple H came out to answer The Undertaker's No Holds Barred challenge at WrestleMania XXVII. After acknowledging what Shawn Michaels said about their encounter, Triple H simply said to the stipulation, "thank you".

In the main event, Edge & Christian reunited after 10 years to face Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay. Early in the match, Brodus proved that he belonged in the WWE by displaying his power. But in the end, experienence proved to be the difference as Edge & Christian double-teamed Brodus after throwing Alberto out of the ring to win the match.


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