Raw - March 14, 2011 - St. Louis, MO

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Raw - March 14, 2011 - St. Louis, MO

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Raw started off, via sattelite, with The Rock making fun of John Cena once again and addressing The Miz.

With Michael Cole in a glass box to protect himself from Jerry "The King" Lawler, the WWE champion, The Miz, made comments about the Rock & John Cena until the Raw GM announced that The Miz would face an opponent he has yet to meet: The Great Khali. When Khali had momentum, Alex Riley interefered, allowing The Miz to grab a chair and break it over Khali's back.

For the United States Championship, the champion Daniel Bryan went one-on-one with King Sheamus. With his WWE career on the line, Sheamus had a highly competitive match with Bryan, one that might've been worthy of a pay-per-view. Towards the end, Sheamus caught Bryan off the top rope with a brogue kick, knocking him out long enough to get the pinfall. With the luck of the Irish, King Sheamus is now the new United States Champion.

To further humiliate Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole invited his son, Brian Christopher, a.k.a. Grand Master Sexay from Too Cool from a decade ago. Brian had harsh for his father, stating that he never used the Lawler name becuase he was ashamed of him. After Brian left, Michael Cole got a suprise visit from WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, The King's former broadcast partner. Ross tried to talk some sense into Cole, but when that didn't work, he was ready to fight. But before Ross & Cole went at it, Jack Swagger came out of the crowd & attacked Lawler before turning his attention to Ross. After Swagger put the ankle lock on both Ross & Lawler, Cole got in the mix and put the ankle lock on J.R. himself.

In the next match, St. Louis' own Randy Orton faced Nexus member Mason Ryan. With CM Punk watching on the stage, Mason had the match well in hand until, from out of nowhere, Orton dropped him with a RKO for the win. Afterwards, Orton started to confront CM Punk, but decided to kick Mason Ryan in the skull instead. CM Punk tried slip in the ring, but Orton was ready for him. With all of the members of the new Nexus out of action, Orton will take on CM Punk at WrestleMania XXVII with no one at ringside.

To earn a job on Raw, Vicki Guerrero took on Trish Stratus in a no disquailification match with guest star Snooki from Jersey Shore, sitting at ringside. As the match progressed, Dolph Ziggler tried to stop the match, but John Morrison ran down & got in his way. Meanhwhile Lay-Cool stepped in and attacked Trish, allowing Vicki to make the cover with Lay-Cool making sure Vicki wins. After the match , Michelle McCool confronted Snooki, but the Jersey Shoere star stood her ground and gave Lay-Cool hell. Afterwards, Vicki made the challenge for a 6-person tag team match, involving Lay-Cool & Dolph Ziggler against Morrison, Trish & Snooki. The challenged was accepted, which means Snooki will headline WrestleMania XXVII.

For the first time ever, John Cena faced off against Alberto Del Rio. A great match until Brodus Clay interfered and attacked John Cena. Just then, The Rock showed up, or so we thought at first. It turned out to be The Miz disguised as The Rock as he assaulted Cena all the way from the ring to the entrance ramp & finished him off with the skull crushing finale on the WWE display. That makes it four weeks in a row The Miz has taken out John Cena.


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