SmackDown - March 18, 2011 - Kansas City, MO

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SmackDown - March 18, 2011 - Kansas City, MO

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In an action-packed SmackDown, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge kicked things off with a match against Brodus Clay. With Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez at ringside, Brodus held his own, but when Edge gained momentum, he speared Brodus for the win, despite distractions from the outside. Afterwards, as Alberto continued to assault Edge, Christian ran down and had an all-out brawl with Del Rio until SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long announced that the two would fight in a steel cage later in the night.

In a champion vs. champion match, new United States Champion King Sheamus took on the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. A great match until Sheamus knocked out Kofi with the brogue kick to earn a victory.

Still competing in his street clothes, Cody Rhodes took on Trent Barreta. As he continues to wear the protective mask, Cody wasted no time using it by headbutting Trent into unconsciousness, long enough for Cody to get the win.

In diva action, Layla, with Michelle McCool at ringside, wrestled Kelly Kelly. For the most part, Kelly had the match well in hand, but when McCool distracted her for a moment, Layla took advantage by dropping her on her head to get the win.

For the WWE Tag Team Championship, Corre members Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defended the titles against the Big Show & Kane. Towards the end, after Big Show chockslammed Slater, the rest of the Corre, Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson, ran down & attacked the Big Show, causing the disquailification. Moments later, the Corre destroyed Kane & the Big Show outside the ring.

Up next, Jack Swagger took on Chris Masters. With Michael Cole cheering from his glass box, known as the Cole Mine, Swagger made short work of Masters by making him tap out to the ankle lock. Afterwards, Cole stepped in the ring & applied the ankle lock on Masters himself, sending a message to Jerry "The King" Lawler.

In one-on-one action, Rey Mysterio wrestled Ted DiBiase. A good competitive match until Rey took down DiBiase with the 619 for the win, thus gaining momentum into his WrestleMania XXVII match against Cody Rhodes.

In the main event, Alberto Del Rio faced Christian inside a steel cage. The match went back & forth until Christian hooked Alberto's arm at the top of the cage, long enough for him to drop down to the floor for the hard fought win. Afterwards, as Alberto attempted to damage Christian more, Edge distracted him by threatening to damage his car that was parked near the entrance. Just then, Brodus Clay nailed Edge from behind and Del Rio executed a con-chair-to on Edge's arm.


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