Raw - March 21, 2011 - Pittsburgh, PA

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Raw - March 21, 2011 - Pittsburgh, PA

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Before Raw could officially get underway, Michael Cole came out mocking Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who suffered Jack Swagger's ankle lock last week. Once Cole was inside his glass box, Triple H appeared and invited The Undertaker to Raw next week for a face-to-face confrontation. Just then, Ted DiBiase showed up, attempting to make a name for himself at the expense of The Game. Instead, Triple H beat the hell out of him and finished him off with the pedigree on the announce table.

In a non-title match, United State Champion Sheamus took on Evan Bourne. Towards the end, Bourne attempted to win the match with his shooting star press, but when he missed, Sheamus took advantage by knocking him out with the brogue kick for the win. After the match, Daniel Bryan appeared and challenged Sheamus to a rematch for the United State title at WrestleMania XXVII. In his own way, Sheamus accepted the challenge by delivereing a brogue kick to Bryan.

In diva action, Divas Champion Eve had a non-title match against Maryse. Midway through the match, Michael Cole rudely disrupted the match from his "Cole Mine" by calling for the contest to end soon. After Eve won the match with a drop to Maryse's head, she tried to confront Cole for disrespecting her & her matches, but Cole's security quickly pushed her away.

WWE Tag Team Champions & Corre members Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater took on Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov in a non-title match. A good contest, but after Justin finished off Kozlov with the 450 splash for the win, the rest of the Corre jumped in and assaulted Santino & Kozlov. Just then, the Big Show & Kane ran down and even the odds, taking down the Corre one by one.

Continuing his verbal attacks on Jerry "The King" Lawler, Michael Cole was giving the Lawler family photo album & showed a few pictures from it as Jack Swagger stood right in front of Lawler. As Cole continued to disrespect The King, Lawler snapped & attacked Swagger, but when he chased after Cole, Swagger got up & knocked down The King. Moments later, Swagger applied the ankle lock to Lawler with Cole doing the same soon after.

John Morrison & Dolph Ziggler were supposed to have a 1-on-1 matcn, but when the divas outside the ring got involved, the Raw GM announced that the match would now be a 4-on-2 intergender tag team match with Morrison & Trish Stratus taking on Dolph, Lay-Cool, & Vicki Guerrero. Morrison & Trish tried to hold their own, but the numbers game caught up to them as Ziggler dropped Morrison, allowing Vicki to make the pin for the victory.

As part of WrestleMania Rewind week, Randy Orton faced Rey Mysterio from WrestleMania 22. A great match until CM Punk appeared on the titantron and threatened to "meet" Orton's wife in the bus. Without hesitation, Orton made a mad dash to the parking lot, only to be ambushed by CM Punk, courtesy of a wrench to the back of the leg.

With Alex Riley hired back as his vice president of corporate communications, WWE Champion The Miz unveiled his "new" title belt with the WWE logo turned upside down to represent the M for The Miz. Soon after, John Cena appeared on the titantron and surprised everybody when the background changed to reveal that he was live in Pittsburgh instead of sattellite. When Cena made his way to the ring, The Miz ran off while Riley suffered several STFs from John Cena.


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