Raw - December 27, 2010 - Albany, NY

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Raw - December 27, 2010 - Albany, NY

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On the last Raw of 2010, John Cena addressed the recent attacks from CM Punk last week and called him out. CM Punk appeared on the stage and questioned Cena's motives & values, as well as a mention of him taking out Batista after he was made to say "I quit" (which, by the way, happened right here in Detroit). Punk declared that he would call out Cena later in the night with a big suprise.

In the opening match, Santino Marella pulled off a big win against Ted DiBiase. After the match, Maryse tried to jump Santino, but Tamina stopped her, resulting in Santino & Tamina taking down the million dollar couple.

Before John Morrison took on Alex Riley, Morrison made a deal with the Miz: If Morrison beats Riley, he gets to name the time & stipulation of his WWE title shot. If he loses, he forfeits his #1 contender spot. With that, the match went on and, of course, The Miz found a way to get involved. However, the referee noticed his actions and tossed him from ringside. Shortly after, Morrison knocked Riley out with a running knee for the win and announced that he'll have his title shot next week on Raw in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Mary Henry defeated Tyson Kidd with the world's strongest slam and afterwards, Tyson's new bodyguard, Jackson Andrews, got in the face of Henry & got the same thing. December has been a successful month for Mark Henry and looks to continue the momentum in 2011.

As The Miz took on Jerry "The King" Lawler in a grudge match, John Morrison made an appearance to ringside and helped The King by knocking out The Miz outside the ring, long enough for Lawler to win the match by countout.

In a divas tag team match, Melina & Alicia Fox defeated Eve & Gail Kim when Melina executed the sunset split on Gail for the win. After the match, Natalya, who was doing commentary, confronted Melina for slapping her last week. They appeared to shake hands, but when Melina tried for a cheap shot, Natalya blocked it & countered with a slap of her own.

After Daniel Bryan made Zack Ryder tap out to his Labelle Lock, the Raw GM declared that 2011 would be a great year for Monday Night Raw. As Michael Cole was about to finish reading the GM's e-mail, The Miz came out of the crowd and attacked Jerry Lawler while he was sitting at the announce table. After slamming Lawler into the steps, The Miz finished off The King with a skull crushing finale on the floor.

King Sheamus took on Randy Orton and as expected, it was a hard fought match. The match ended when Sheamus attempted a slingshot shoulder tackle off the ropes, only to be countered with a RKO. And thus, Randy Orton ends 2010 on a high note.

John Cena couldn't wait for CM Punk to call him out, so he entered the ring first to await his arrival. Instead, the Nexus, minus Wade Barrett, came out, but only David Otunga entered the ring, declaring that Nexus was under new management. Otunga called for a new beginning & a truce, but Cena didn't believe him for one second. Moments later, Nexus attacked Cena and left the ring, just in time for CM Punk to show up and deliver the GTS to Cena. Punk went to smash Cena with a chair, but changed his mind, sat down next to Cena, and revealed his suprise when he put on the Nexus armband. Not only has CM Punk has joined Nexus, apparently "under new management", he is now the new leader of Nexus!


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Re: Raw - December 27, 2010 - Albany, NY

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I hate NEXUS


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