Raw - April 11, 2011 - Bridgeport, CT

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Raw - April 11, 2011 - Bridgeport, CT

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On a night where anything & everything was possible, Raw kicked off with John Cena wanting to have his WrestleMania XXVIII match with The Rock be for the WWE Championship. As Cena began to talk about The Miz, Randy Orton, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler with Vicki Guerrero, & R-Truth came out one by one, proclaiming they should be the next #1 contender. Soon after, the Raw GM announced that there would be a 5-man gauntlet match to determine who would face The Miz at Extreme Rules for the WWE title.

For the Divas Championship, the champion Eve took on Brie Bella with Nikki at ringside. But before the match began, Eve had the referee mark one of the Bella Twins' hand to prevent Twin Magic. As the match progressed, the Bellas attempted to switch, but the referee stopped them with the help of the marked hand. However, Brie managed to drop Eve face first and cover her for the win. With Nikki at her side, Brie Bella became the brand new WWE Divas Champion.

Making his in-ring debut, Sin Cara went one-on-one with Primo. Displaying his agility & high flying moves, Sin Cara showed why he is the real deal after defeating Primo with a follow-through flip of the top rope.

Before an 8-man tag team match could take place, Wade Barrett was unhappy about what last week involving The Corre confronting John Cena & The Rock. When he accused them of not doing their part, the rest of The Corre responded back before Santino Marella came out with his new group (at least for the night) known as the APPLE (Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything), which included himself, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, & Mark Henry. The APPLE held their own, but in the end, Heath Slater caught Santino with a reverse DDT to earn The Corre a much needed win.

Before Jerry "The King" Lawler fought Jack Swagger, Jim Ross came out and wanted to settle the score with Michael Cole from last week, but the referee held him back for now. During the match, Michael Cole tried everything to distract Lawler, but when J.R. dropped Cole from the ring apron, it got Swagger's attention, long enough for The King to roll up him for the win. Afterwards, Cole was so upset with Swagger that he slapped him before leaving the ring. Just then, since Lawler won the match, he announced that the match he wants at Extreme Rules is a tag team match with him & Jim Ross teaming up against Michael Cole & Jack Swagger.

In a sudden & shocking turn of events, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge was forced to announce his retirement.

In the 5-man gauntlet match, Randy Orton started things off against Dolph Ziggler. The match went well until the new Nexus returned & distracted Orton long enough for Ziggler to drop him and get the win. Afterwards, the new Nexus continued their assault on Orton. Moving forward, R-Truth was up next and was very impressive, eliminating Ziggler & John Morrison. In the last bout, as R-Truth faced John Cena, WWE Champion The Miz & Alex Riley, who were sitting at ringside, jumped up & attacked them, causing the match to be a double disquailification. Just when The Miz thought there wasn't going to be a #1 contender, the Raw GM announced that there would be two #1 contenders, John Cena & R-Truth facing The Miz in a triple threat match at Extreme Rules for the WWE Championship.


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