SmackDown - April 15, 2011 - Albany, NY

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SmackDown - April 15, 2011 - Albany, NY

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With the World Heavyweight Championship soon to be vacant, Alberto Del Rio felt he should be handed the title just because he is the #1 contender. However, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long had other plans: the man that would face Alberto for the vacant title at Extreme Rules would be the winner of a 20-man battle royal later that night.

In one-on-one action, The Corre's Ezekiel Jackson faced off against Kofi Kingston while the rest of the Corre sat at the announce table. During the match, Ezekiel press slammed Kofi right into the Corre and then later dropped him in the middle of the ring for the win. Later, Ezekiel explained that he wanted to send a message to the other 19 participants in the battle royal, even at the expense of The Corre.

As Cody Rhodes stood in the ring, he stated that wanted to send Rey Mysterio back to his family with a damaged face. That's was enough for Rey to come out and knock Cody out of the ring before facing Drew McIntyre. A great match, but in the end, Rey delivered the 619 to McIntyre, followed by a splash off the top rope for the win.

In perhaps his final appearance on SmackDown, World Heavyweight Champion Edge, who was forced to retire due to neck problems, expressed his gratitude to the business & his fans before letting go his title.

Despite the issues Lay-Cool have against each other, Layla took on Kelly Kelly in 1-on-1 diva action with Michelle McCool at ringside. Before the match ended, Layla, who was laid out outside the ring, was pushed back in by McCool, only to have her shoulders pinned by Kelly Kelly for the 3-count. Afterwards, as Layla tried to get an explanation from Michelle, she was shoved down by McCool, who apparantly wants no more of Layla as her friend.

In teh 20-man battle royal, several eliminations were highlighted, such as Big Show knocking out & throwing out Heath Slater and The Corre eliminating Kane before Justin Gabriel eliminated Wade Barrett from behind. Towards the end, Rey Mysterio went for the 619 on Jack Swagger, but Michael Cole jumped up and took the blow himself while protecting Swagger. As Chrsitian & Swagger were the last two in, Alberto Del Rio, who was already at ringside, tried to pull down Christan before he managed to pull down the ropes long enough for Swagger to be eliminated. As Alberto was at ringside disgusted, Edge appeared & congratulated his friend on being in the main event at Extreme Rules.


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