SmackDown - April 22, 2011 - London, England

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SmackDown - April 22, 2011 - London, England

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In an unusual way to start off SmackDown, Cody Rhodes presented the fans with paper bags to represent the shame that he feels they have. It was enough for Rey Mysterio to storm to the ring and have a match with Cody. After Rey won the match via a rollup, the two men fought outside the ring & into the crowd, with Cody executing Cross-Rhodes on Rey on the floor & putting a paper bag over his head. Later on, it was announced that at Extreme Rules, Rey Mysterio & Cody Rhodes would fight in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

With Michael Cole still gloating about being knighted by the "queen" on Raw, Jack Swagger fought Trent Baretta and made short work of him with the ankle lock.

For the WWE Tag Team Championship, Corre members Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defended their titles against Kane & the Big Show. Even with the attempted distraction by Ezekiel Jackson, Big Show & Kane made sure they weren't going to be stopped when Big Show chockslammed Slater for the win. In the end, Kane & the Big Show stood victorious as the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

In 1-on-1 action, Drew McIntyre faced off against Chris Masters. Masters fought valiantly, but the victory would go to McIntrye, after executing his future shock DDT on him.

For the Intercontinental Championship, Wade Barrett, along side Ezekiel Jackson, took on Kofi Kingston. During the match, Ezekiel tried to get involved, but slipped up & nailed Barrett instead. After Ezekiel was sent back to the locker room by his fellow Corre member, Barrett continued that match and eventually retained his Interconrtinental title by holding on to the ropes while the referee counted Kofi's shoulders down for the 3 count.

In mocking Edge's departure from wrestling, Alberto Del Rio held a retirement party, dedicated to Edge, until he himself got a couple of unexpected visitors.


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