Raw (WWE Draft) - April 25, 2011 - Raleigh, NC

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Raw (WWE Draft) - April 25, 2011 - Raleigh, NC

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Raw didn't waste any time as the 2011 WWE Draft began with a Raw vs. SmackDown battle royal. After Evan Bourne was thrown out, the Big Show eliminated Mason Ryan and stood victorious, along side Kofi Kingston. With the win, the first draft pick for SmackDown was a big one: John Cena!

As R-Truth explained why he turned on John Morrison and the fans last week, Morrison stormed out on stage & assaulted R-Truth until officials could pull him away.

Despite another rude interruption by Michael Cole, Eve managed to defeat Layla in a 1-on-1 match with Michelle McCool watching at ringside. Afterwards, as McCool got on her case, Layla finally snapped, tossing McCool over the announce table & banging her head on the guard rail. With Eve's victory, Raw's first draft pick ended up being Rey Mysterio.

In singles competition, United States Champion Sheamus took on Kofi Kingston, After Kofi knocked out Sheamus with the Trouble in Paradise kick twice, SmackDown got another big edition to the brand: Randy Orton!

In what was supposed to be a grudge match, Michael Cole faced off against Jim Ross with Jerry "The King" Lawler & Jack Swagger at ringside. After Cole wasted too much time taunting J.R., the proud Oklahomian got a hold of him & hammered away until Swagger jumped in, after knocking down The King, and slapped the ankle lock on J.R. Even with a busted lip, Michael Cole took off J.R.'s belt and whooped him while still in the ankle lock. Moments later, the Raw GM announced that at Extreme Rules, their tag team match would now be a special "country whipping" match.

Now representing SmackDown, Randy Orton took on Dolph Ziggler for the rights of two draft picks. Though Dolph tried his best, Orton was too quick for him as he became another victim of a RKO. Before the draft picks could be made, CM Punk appeared to talk trash to Orton about their Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules. Moments later, SmackDown selected Mark Henry & Sin Cara to join their braand.

The action continued when Rey Mysterio went up against the Interconinental Champion Wade Barrett. A good match until Rey managed to nail Barrett with the 619, followed by a splash off the top rope to earn another victory for Raw. As for the draft picks, Raw selected WWE Tag Team Champion the Big Show & Alberto Del Rio.

For the final pick of the night, a 6-man tag team match took place between John Cena, Mark Heny, & Christian against Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, & the WWE Champion The Miz. Towards the end, as John Cena took control of the match, he & Christian were blindsided by Mark Henry. After Henry assaulted both men, The Miz tagged in & finished off Cena with his skull crushing finale for the win. Little did The Miz know that the last Raw pick of the night would be John Cena! After less than two hours of being on SmackDown, John Cena cleared the ring of The Miz & proudly wore a Raw shirt as Raw went off the air.


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